Bohemian crystal chandeliers

Bohemia Crystal Palace offers complete collections of Bohemian Crystal chandelier, cut table or floor lamps,  various wall sconces and crystal lighting fixtures made in the Czech republic.  All products completed  with top quality, Preciosa or Swarovski cut pendants and trimmings.

We offer:
                 Bohemian crystal chandeliers in TOP quality
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                 Over 700 Cut Floor lamps, Lighting fixtures, Bohemian Crystal chandelier.
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Czech Lighting fixtures:

1. completed with cased colored bowls further decorated with "High enamel" paint, sandblasted and (or) relief decoration
2. with various cut decors on clear crystal chandelier bowls
3. completed with glass or metal arms
4. All lightings are further decorated with various hanging pendants and trimmings.

Overview - Hand Cut Bohemian Crystal Chandelier

Quality lead glass mass and perfect hand cut - these are attributes that characterize this sparkling beauty. These products represent our artists exclusive, atypical, authored work of art. Our 24% PbO Bohemia Crystal chandelier, chandelier and lamps from Czech Republic will beautify your home for years to come.

Cut Wall sconces

The rich relief decoration of our Wall sconces give them an image of casual atmosphere and an adorning taste of olden days. Manufacture of Wall sconces uses a centuries old technique of casting into the sand. These sconces are completed with pendants of exclusive quality, machine or hand cut. Our Lighting, Lighting fixtures and Wall sconces, sconces, placed in interior impress you the same as do works of art.

Cut Floor lamps,

and many other types of products can be found on our website. They are completed with pendants of the highest quality, which can be hand or machine cut, and contain 24% PbO or unleaded. The combination of glass, metal, lamps light will add up to an atmosphere of balanced elegance in your interior. Hand cut have been a traditional product of Preciosa since the 18th century. Our Bohemian crystal chandeliers, floor lamps, lamps and Fixtures are made of hand cut, top quality glass pieces.

Our collection of bohemian crystal chandeliers is composed from pieces made in Liglass.

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